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MRL-1A024D003 Relay. 1A, 24VDC, 12A, PCB 4P, HJR-21FF-24VDC-S-H
MRL-1C006D003 Relay. 1C, 6VDC, 10A, DIP-5P, SRD-06VDC-SL-C, RoHS
MRL-1C012D017 Relay. 1C, 12VDC, 30A, Socket 5P, w/ Steel Lever
MRL-1C012D032 Relay. 1C, 12VDC, 30A, PCB-5Pins, HFKC/012-ZSPT
MRL-1C024D003 Relay. 1C, 24VDC, 20A, PCB, Sealed, HJQ-15F-24VDC-S-Z
MRL-1C024D005 Relay. 1C, 24VDC, 12A, PCB 5P, HJR-21FF-24VDC-S-Z
MRL-1C024D017 Relay. 1C, 24VDC, 7A, PCB 5P, Sealed, HJR-3FF-24VDC-S-Z
MRL-2A060D001 Relay. 2A, 60VDC, 320mA, SMD-8P, AC37S
MRL-2A200D001 Relay. 2A, 200VDC, 160mA, SMD-8P, AC34S
MRL-4C012DOMR1 Relay. 4C, 12VDC, 4PDT, G6A-474P-ST20-US-DC12, OMRON

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