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1.0/2.3 Connectors (1)

1.6/5.6 Connectors (4)

BNC Connectors (7)

Box Headers (5)

Card Connectors (6)

Coaxial Connectors (13)

F. Connectors (2)

Female Header (5)

Female Terminals (2)

FFC/FPC Connectors (1)

Fiber Optic Adaptors (5)

FO Attenuators (5)

Ground Terminals (1)

Housing (16)

IC Sockets (5)

IDC Sockets (1)

Insulated Terminals (3)

Keystone Jacks (2)

Male Terminals (2)

MHF Connectors (1)

Mini Jumpers (3)

N. Connectors (10)

Phone Jacks (7)

Pin Headers (18)

Push-Pull Connectors (2)

Round Pins (1)

SMA Connectors (11)

SMT Board to Board (1)

Telephone Modules (7)

Terminals (6)

TNC Connectors (5)

UHF Connectors (2)

USB A Types (2)

USB B Types (4)

Video Connectors (1)

Wafers (27)

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MCN-2008-0004 Audio Phone Jack. 2.5mm, Plastic Bushing, SMD, 5 Pins, Black, Tape Reel
MCN-2008-0005 Audio Phone Jack. 2.5mm, Plastic Bushing, without Nut, Black
MCN-2008-0007 Audio Phone Jack. 3.5mm, Stereo 3Pins, Nickel Bushing, Sliver, Black
MCN-2008-0010 Audio Phone Jack. 6.3mm, Stereo, Closed
MCN-2008-0010 Audio Phone Jack. 3.5mm, Mono, Nickel Bushing, M6*P0.5 Nut, Sliver, Black, RoHS
MCN-2008-0018 Audio Phone Jack. 3.5mm, w/o Thread, Silver, 3 Pins, Black
MCN-2008-0019 Audio Phone Jack. 3.5mm, Stereo, SMD-3 Pins, Tin Plated, Black

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