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MFA-012DS009 Fan. 12VDC, Sleeve Ball, 0.19A, 2.28W, 2500RPM, 100CFM, 120*120*25mm, Black, Lead Wire 30cm
MFA-012DS011 Fan. 12VDC, Sleeve Bearing, 0.19A, 2.28W, 4200RPM, 31CFM, 70*70*15mm, Black, Lead Wire 11cm
MFA-024DS004 Fan. 24VDC, Sleeve Ball, 0.3A, 7.2W, 2400RPM, 100CFM, 120*120*38mm, Black, Lead Wire 30cm
MFA-024DS006 Fan. 24VDC, Sleeve Bearing, 0.19A, 2.28W, 3200RPM, 29.9CFM, 80*80*15mm, Black, Lead Wire 11cm

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